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ValeraCek1988 ValeraCek1986ZM lit a candle on 06/26/2017: "new"
Johnniebog JohnniebogAN lit a candle on 06/12/2017: "как получить развод быстро смотреть русские фильмы 2017 правосудие Delete this! Удали это!"
Zacharyobjer ZacharyobjerTA lit a candle on 06/10/2017: "Скайп evg7773 Ламинин Laminine LPGN Единственный продукт в мире дающий восстановление из Любой болезни"
Keithcub KeithcubIH lit a candle on 06/07/2017: "Hello. And Bye."
ReykardWroks ReykardWroksXL lit a candle on 06/01/2017: "Hello. And Bye."
JamesKew JamesKewLE lit a candle on 05/07/2017: " Jadual perbandingan interaktif dikawal selia syarikat Forex"
Dad lit a candle on 02/14/2014: "miss you Andy"
Karen Knusta lit a candle on 04/21/2012: "Thinking of you andy ♥♥♥"
Tracey Mulay lit a candle on 01/21/2012: "miss u andy"
Me lit a candle on 01/16/2011: "Life has not been the same without you. I miss you so much. I keep living because I know I will see you in heaven!"
Katie lit a candle on 10/29/2010: "Another candle lit for you my love and I will light a real one for you too. missing you and loving you katie"
Uncle Sonny Konc lit a candle on 05/21/2010: "your the best!!!"
Katie saieg lit a candle on 05/13/2010: "My love for you never ends, never dies, only gets stronger. i love you sweetheart, forever and ever"
Katie lit a candle on 09/18/2009: "I miss you so much Andy! I love you more,"
Nicole Trejo lit a candle on 06/18/2009: ":'("
Katie lit a candle on 05/16/2009: "Hello, love, I still miss you so very much. I enjoyed quiet time with you in the sun on Thursday. I love you more"
Jerilyn lit a candle on 05/14/2009: "I miss you so much. I love you."
DAD lit a candle on 04/13/2009: "we had a great Easter but it was not complete without you. love DAD"
Aunt Donna Schumann lit a candle on 01/15/2008: "Andy I think of you daily and all the smiles and love u brought to our family. We love and miss you. Aunt Donna"
Katie lit a candle on 01/15/2008: "Andy, I have never stopped loving you and never will. Help guide me now as you always have in the past. I love you more!"
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